Summer Of Soccer

Think you know who will be holding the trophy up high this summer? Take our personality quiz to find out who to root for.

What team should you root for?

Take our quiz to find out what team best matches your personality!
Choose one answer for each question.

Q1 1

I’d like my team to be:

An odds-on favorite

A dark horse

A long shot

A snowball's chance in…

Q2 2

I’d rather cheer for a team that:

Won a championship

Made it to the semifinals

Reached the round of 16

Just glad to be here

Q3 3

What kind of climate would you like to vacation in?


Dry and arid


Cold and snowy

Q4 4

Volume up on this song, please:

We are the Champions – Queen

Rise – Katy Perry

Stuck In The Middle with You – Stealers Wheel

Loser – Beck

Q5 5

Time to fuel up. I’m going to reach for:





Q6 6

To celebrate a goal, I opt for:

A fist bump

A high five

Hugging it out

Taking off my jersey

Q7 7

My eyes are glued to the screen for:

Rampant goal scoring

A world-class defense

Dominant possession

Scrappy determination

Q8 8

When it comes to world travel, my passport contains:

Zero stamps

1-3 stamps

4-8 stamps

9+ stamps

Q9 9

Come game time, you’ll find me:

On my couch

Streaming on my phone at work

At my local pub

Inside the stadium

Q10 10

My team’s jersey should:

Be simple and traditional

Feature graphics or patterns

Be a bold color

Make a flashy statement

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